What Are Ways That Earthquake Magnitude Is Measured?

Answer The magnitude of an earthquake is the most important piece of information about the event. From the measurement, even the lay person is now able to estimate the likely damage due to familiarity wit... Read More »

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Science Fair Projects That Have Dependent Variables That Can Be Measured?

When you complete a science fair experiment, you use both independent and dependent variables. While an independent variable is under your control, the dependent variable is that which changes as a... Read More »

What are safety steps that should be taken if an earthquake is in your area?

Each region of the United States has its natural challenges. The northeast has snow, the southeast has hurricanes and the western part of the country sometimes has to deal with earthquakes. It can ... Read More »

What are the three types of aerosols in Earth's atmosphere that are measured by NASA researchers?

Well, there is black carbon (soot), sulfates, and CFCs. Hope this helps.

How To Know If That Was the Main Earthquake or an Aftershock?

Earthquakes and aftershocks have a lot in common, in that they are both earthquakes in the general sense. The technical difference stems from the fact that aftershocks originate from earthquakes, a... Read More »