What Are Unifix Cubes?

Answer Unifix cubes are arguably the most widely-used type of math manipulative in elementary classrooms. These small, colorful, inter-locking plastic cubes can be found in most primary classrooms and are... Read More »

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How to Use Unifix Cubes?

Unifix cubes are colored, interlocking blocks often used when reinforcing learned mathematical concepts in elementary school and preschool classrooms. The cubes are a hands-on and interactive mathe... Read More »

Unifix Cubes Pattern Activities for Preschool?

Consider a set of Unifix cubes for preschool math pattern activities. Little children are attracted to the toy-like quality of the common, classroom math manipulative. Basic sets include ten colors... Read More »

Is it bad to suck on 5-10 ice cubes a day?

As long as you don't crunch them with your teeth it should be perfectly ok.You can also try nibbeling on baby carrots instead of the ice cubes. Carrots have very few calories and it keeps your mout... Read More »

Addicted to ice cubes?

Habit. If you are crunching them, it's ruining your teeth. Sucking on them is ok. But maybe you have a condition like dry mouth that makes you want ice cubes all the time? Are you on medication... Read More »