What Are Underwriter Comps?

Answer Mortgage loan underwriters use comparable home sales, or listings called comps, for determining the value of real property and approving mortgage loans. Residential real estate appraisals generally... Read More »

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What is an underwriter for a mortgage?

A mortgage underwriter determines if a borrower is approved or denied for his mortgage loan. The underwriter approves or denies the loan based on the lender's mortgage rules and regulations and an ... Read More »

What is a subprime mortgage underwriter?

A subprime mortgage underwriter crunches all of the numbers to determine if a subprime mortgage applicant qualifies for a loan. In other words, the underwriter qualifies or disqualifies an applican... Read More »

What Are Underwriter Fees on Mortgages?

Before approving your request for a mortgage loan, banks and lenders want to make sure that you can afford your new monthly home loan payments. That's the job of the bank's underwriting department.... Read More »

What Are the Duties of a Property Underwriter?

A large financial service provider such as a bank, investment house or insurer uses a process known as underwriting to assess customer eligibility to receive products such as mortgage and credit. T... Read More »