What Are Two Major Seaports in the U.S.?

Answer While the U.S. has a number of seaports, the two largest seaports are the Port of South Louisiana and the Port of Houston. These ports represent an enormous amount of import, export and domestic Am... Read More »

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I'm a computer science major. What are the major programming languages I should know?

I earned a BS and MS in Computer Science over 20 years ago. Here the languages I learned there: PL/C, Fortran, Pascal and C (but only in my last semister of my MS). I also had a smattering of LISP,... Read More »

What year did it change from sergeant major general to major general?

What is the difference between major medical and non-major medical insurance?

Knowing the difference between major medical and non-major medical, or basic, medical insurance is essential to choosing the right health care insurance plan. The two types of plans can be coordina... Read More »

Can you major in Environmental Studies BA at UCSB with a technical major ROTC scholarship?

The Environmental Studies program requires you to take at least 20 units from a different department as an outside concentration. I have a friend that has an ROTC scholarship and is a Economics maj... Read More »