What Are Two Characteristics of a Sector in Geometry?

Answer Students struggling in geometry classes should return to basic terms to improve their approach to more complex problems. Because solving geometry exercises depends heavily on a knowledge of these t... Read More »

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Characteristics of Concentric Circles in Geometry?

Concentric circles have their centers at the same point. For example, the rings of a tree trunk are roughly concentric circles. The circles on a dart board are also concentric. In mathematics class... Read More »

What is a sector mutual fund?

Sector funds are popular because they afford investors the opportunity to own shares of many companies in one industry with a single investment. The funds are not diversified and are generally used... Read More »

What is a hard drive sector?

All information stored on a computer's hard drive is recorded in tracks. Each of these tracks is broken into smaller units called sectors. Hard drive sectors are these units of data storage on a ha... Read More »

What industry sector is nightclub in?

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