What Are Two Characteristics of MRNA in Eukaryotes?

Answer Most of the world's living organisms are eukaryotes, which have their DNA contained in chromosomes inside of a nucleus. Prokaryotes, which include eubacteria and archaebacteria, do not have a nucle... Read More »

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What Are the DNA Builders for Prokaryotes & Eukaryotes?

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is the building block of all living things, as it is through DNA that cells know what functions to carry out. The builders for DNA are chemical bases, and these bases re... Read More »

What is the job of mRNA?

Ribonucleic acid, or RNA, consists of multiple nucleic acid subunits similar to those which form DNA. There are many types of RNA, each responsible for critical functions of the cell. Messenger RN... Read More »

What does mRNA stand for?

The acronym mRNA is short for "messenger ribonucleic acid." mRNA is a type of RNA that transfers instructions from DNA to ribosomes to synthesize different types of amino acids or proteins.Source:R... Read More »

What is the study of MRNA called?

Transcriptomics is the study of the transcriptome, which is the whole set of MRNA transcripts that is made in one cell. MRNA is the abbreviation used for messenger ribonucleic acid.Source:MedNet: T... Read More »