What Are Twin Tail Pipes For?

Answer While the exhaust system is a necessary component for the operation of a vehicle and the safety of the occupants, it easily can be ignored. However, some vehicles' exhaust outlets, otherwise known ... Read More »

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How to Mount a Twin Cam on an Evo Hard Tail?

Before you mount a Twin Cam engine on an Evoluation (Evo) hard tail, you must take into consideration the two types of Twin Cam engines. The Twin Cam 88B is balanced, and although it is theoretical... Read More »

How to Change Exhaust Tail Pipes on a Volkswagen Beetle?

The standard exhaust pipe on a Volkswagen Beetle car is not the coolest looking. It is just a flat steel color that protrudes out of the back of the muffler. The tail pipe is connected to the muffl... Read More »

Water & White Smoke Coming Out of the Tail Pipes?

If you see water dripping or steam floating from your tailpipe there is probably coolant entering the combustion chambers. Antifreeze is run through the engine block to cool the engine. If coolant ... Read More »

When pipes become blocked with lime scale in a hard water area is there anything that can be put through the pipes to unblock them?

According to me the pool should be cleaned thoroughly so that it is hygienically safe for the the people using the pool.The dead bird should be removed immediately & disopsed.