What Are Tweezers?

Answer Despite the ready availability with the passing of time of less torturous methods of hair removal, tweezers continue to be sold and used. In fact, new developments in tweezers are still being prese... Read More »

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What Type of Class Lever are the Tweezers?

Tweezers are a set of two Class 3 levers. Brianmac defines a Class 3 lever as one where the fulcrum and the load are on opposite ends and the effort--the working force--is between them. Unlike othe... Read More »

What happens if you accidentally drop a pair of tweezers down the drain in the bathroom sink?

Nothing ! yo can open the drain down below , put a bucket under for the water that will comne out and retrive the tweezers

How to Buy Tweezers?

As simple as it may sound a there is a trick to buying the right tweezers. Tweezers come in various shapes sizes and materials. When looking for tweezers make sure that you buy at the one the right... Read More »

How to Use Tweezers?

Tweezers can help to pluck unruly hair or get a sliver out from your skin. Regardless of your use of tweezers, the concept is the same. Does this Spark an idea?