What Are Trusses and How Are They Used in Bridges?

Answer Trusses are triangular structures used to strengthen a bridge. The diagonal members of a truss distributes the load, reducing the force of compression on the load-bearing members of the bridge. Inc... Read More »

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What Do They Spread on Bridges to Melt Ice?

Winter road conditions pose dangerous risks to travelers because of the loss of wheel traction caused by icy surfaces. Bridges and roads can be chemically treated before or after a snowfall to melt... Read More »

Is it more expensive to order prefabricated trusses and get a crane or build the trusses on site?

Answer prefabricated trusses and typically less expensive when they are fabricated for repetitive use in housing project with similarly designed roofs. If the roof is a standard Gable this helps in... Read More »

Trusses Used in Industry?

Trusses are prefabricated roof framing systems that are used in place of conventional rafters. This is largely due to the time savings involved with installing trusses. Truss design depends on the ... Read More »

Trusses Used for Large Openings?

By definition, a truss is a supporting structure used to span large areas. The truss design redistributes the weight of the roof and ceiling to the supporting sides, and is also responsible for wit... Read More »