What Are Trusses and How Are They Used in Bridges?

Answer Trusses are triangular structures used to strengthen a bridge. The diagonal members of a truss distributes the load, reducing the force of compression on the load-bearing members of the bridge. Inc... Read More »

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Is it more expensive to order prefabricated trusses and get a crane or build the trusses on site?

Answer prefabricated trusses and typically less expensive when they are fabricated for repetitive use in housing project with similarly designed roofs. If the roof is a standard Gable this helps in... Read More »

Why do we use trusses?

Trusses are triangular structures whose shape allows them to support a great deal of weight. A triangular shape is more rigid than a square or rectangle and therefore provides better support as a l... Read More »

Problems With Trusses?

Trusses add stability and support to buildings. Because trusses are composed of triangles, they're resistant to collapse and can support greater weights than many other types of supports. Trusses c... Read More »

How much are roof trusses?

The cost of roof trusses varies depending on their size, design and roof pitch. On average, a common truss with a 24-foot span and a 10/12 pitch that has no storage space will cost around $70.Sourc... Read More »