What Are Troll Bracelets?

Answer Trollbeads and bracelets were first created in 1976. The concept behind this popular fashion is simple. All bracelets start off as a plain silver or gold band. Then, you customize the bracelet any ... Read More »

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Who brought troll bead bracelets to the USA?

The Troll Bead Society introduced troll beads to the United States in 2002. Since their introduction, troll beads have won international artistic recognition, and exhibits at Sculpture Objects & Fu... Read More »

If you were going to be a troll, what section would you troll?

The adolescent section, and not in a perv way, just because so many of them come to the parenting section.Sadly, if i tried to troll, I think I'd be spotted a gazillion miles away by those who know... Read More »

What is a TROLL?

Trolls are the most incredible thing about Yahoo Answers. Trolls are why I gave up what little social life I had. I even survived the attack of a $****y. And it made me a stronger person. I tried m... Read More »

What is an ILF is it a troll?

I'm an ILF. A PPSILF, to be exact:…