What Are Triangular Prisms Used for?

Answer A triangular prism is a transparent solid, the two ends of which are triangles that are parallel to one another and alike in shape and size. Science and industry apply triangular prisms in various ... Read More »

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What is the volume of triangular prisms?

The volume of a triangular prism can be found by multiplying the length of the base times the width of the base times the height times 0.5. For example, if the base measured 4 inches by 5 inches an... Read More »

What Are Prisms & Pyramids?

In math, a prism is a polyhedron made up of parallel top and bottom bases and rectangular side faces. Pyramids have one base and triangular side faces, which meet at a central vertex point. A dice ... Read More »

What Are Some Similarities Between Prisms & Cones?

Cones and prisms are both three-dimensional geometric figures. A prism is a polyhedron because each face is a polygon, a two-dimensional figure made up entirely of straight lines. A cone is not a p... Read More »

What is a triangular tile?

They have many shapes pre made or ya can cut your own,hone the edges though. tiles pretty sharp when ya cut it.