What Are Three Ways to Put Out a Grease Fire?

Answer Grease fires, caused when hot oil catches fire, are dangerous and can quickly get out of hand. Anyone who spends time in the kitchen should learn how to put out a grease fire so he is prepared if t... Read More »

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How to Put out a Grease Fire?

A grease fire is far different from a regular fire. It takes just 15 minutes for an unattended pot of oil left on the stove to catch fire.[1] Once it's underway, it can be stopped if safe to do so;... Read More »

How to Make a Bacon Grease Fire Starter?

Many people love bacon and in the US, it's considered a staple of a good breakfast. But cooking bacon also means the release of a lot of grease, which you don't want to pour down the drain. And jus... Read More »

At what grease level is it the proper time to pump out a grease trap?

A grease trap is a system that many cities require to be installed in restaurants and other places with public kitchens. It removes grease from waste water, preventing it from being added to the wa... Read More »

Compatibility of Petroleum Grease & Synthetic Grease?

Some petroleum-based greases are compatible with synthetic greases, but not to the same degree. Both are used for industrial and automotive machinery, although petroleum-based products are still mo... Read More »