What Are Three Ways Magma Can Form?

Answer Magma is a mixture of melted crystals, rocks and dissolved gases. It is magma that causes volcanic eruptions. These eruptions can be either explosive or non-explosive. Magma is formed by both wet a... Read More »

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What Are the Three Materials That Form Sediments?

Even in the home, sedimentation occurs on a small scale. Dust settles out of the air and eventually covers floors, furniture and any other exposed surface. If a tea kettle regularly boils hard wate... Read More »

What Are Three Ways to Put Out a Grease Fire?

Grease fires, caused when hot oil catches fire, are dangerous and can quickly get out of hand. Anyone who spends time in the kitchen should learn how to put out a grease fire so he is prepared if t... Read More »

What Are Three Ways Crystals Are Formed?

In physics and chemistry, the word crystal is used in reference to any solid in which all atoms are arranged in an orderly manner. The surface structure of crystals are symmetrical. The atoms withi... Read More »

What three ways are vaccines administered?

Injection, nasal spray, and liquid or pill ingestion are three ways to administer a vaccine.