What Are Three Categories of Animals in the Ocean?

Answer Marine life is as beautiful as it is diverse. The world's five oceans offer an unparalleled habitat for creatures too plentiful to name. According to the Smithsonian Institute's zoological departme... Read More »

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What Are Three Categories of Organisms in the Ecosystem?

All ecosystems contain three basic types of organisms: producers, consumers and decomposers. Each type of organism plays a vital role in the ecosystem. If one of the three types of organisms were t... Read More »

What Are the Three Categories of Symbolism for Halloween?

Halloween is the second most popular holiday in the United States and yet there is no conclusive evidence about how it began. Many theories abound, but the holiday's elements draw from a number of ... Read More »

Three Categories of Authentication?

Authentication simply implies verification of the legality of a particular user who wants to access some data or information within a pre-registered Web server. Authentication is very essential, as... Read More »

Three Categories of Computer Crime?

Computer Crime, or "Cybercrime" refers to a type of crime in which a computer or a computer network generally played a vital role in the commission of the crime. Cyber-criminals can use the compute... Read More »