What Are Three Categories of Animals in the Ocean?

Answer Marine life is as beautiful as it is diverse. The world's five oceans offer an unparalleled habitat for creatures too plentiful to name. According to the Smithsonian Institute's zoological departme... Read More »

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Ocean Animals That Eat Plants?

The ocean is full of colorful and distinct animals. Some animals are considered carnivorous, meaning they prey and feed upon other animals to obtain their required nutrients. Other animals from the... Read More »

Benthos Animals in the Ocean?

Animals that inhabit the sea floor are called benthos, and are often classified according to size. However, benthos are also sorted according to the area of the sea floor they inhabit. Also called ... Read More »

Ocean Animals That Live Below 3,000 Feet?

In contrast to the upper tiers of the ocean, its lower levels stretch beyond the range of sunlight. The average depth of an ocean measures more than 12,000 feet; the deep sea begins at the abyssal ... Read More »

How far above the Pacific Ocean is the Westin Princeville Ocean Resort in Kauai?

As the name suggests, the Westin Princeville Ocean Resort is located in the town of Princeton, on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. The town of Princeton is located 239 feet above the Pacific Ocean.Sou... Read More »