What Are Three Adaptations That Whales Have for Living Underwater?

Answer Whales are the largest animals ever known. The blue whale, biggest of all, may exceed 100 feet in length and weigh over 160 tons. They belong to the cetacean order that also includes dolphins and p... Read More »

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What Are Three Characteristics that Dolphins & Whales Share?

Whales, dolphins and porpoises belong to the group of marine animals called cetaceans. Cetaceans are not fish; they are mammals, or warm-blooded creatures that breathe air and give birth to live yo... Read More »

What Are Three Seed Adaptations?

For plant species to survive, it's critical that its seeds are spread over the landscape. Otherwise, the seeds would drop in a clump at the base of the plant. To grow, the seeds would then have to ... Read More »

What was the name of a 60's or 70's tv show about a family living in a bubble underwater?

Could you be thinking of the 1969 movie called Hello Down There? Tony Randall has invented an underwater home and to prove to his boss (Jim Backus) that living under water isn't a crazy idea, Tony ... Read More »

My doctor told me that I have a parasite living inside me, how I break news to my parents that I am pregnant?

You aren't pregnant you nincompoop. You're just constipated... Geez, Stooge. You have to have sexual relations to be fertilized.