What Are Things That Frogs Eat?

Answer Frogs range in size from the Goliath frog of West Africa, which averages 30 cm in length, to the Psyllophryne didactyla of Brazil, which average 9.8 mm in length. There are more than 2,700 species ... Read More »

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How do you help a cousin who steals things lies uses things without asking has anger fits over little things is an overall jerk and doesn't pay attention in school to break their bad habits?

If he doesn't understand that what he is doing you can't help him. Talk to him and try to make him understand but at the end of the day you can't change anyone unless they want to change.

My daughter puts things in her private areas and tries to shove things in her brothers rectum why?

My first question to them would be about their philosophy concerning the care of children with disabilities. The answer will make all the difference to how he is treated. Next I would ask to see th... Read More »

If you have a sister biger than you and she always takes things from you without knowing and when you see her taken it sometimes u say something and sometimes no and u give her things but she doesn't?

How to Breed Pac-Man Frogs?

Pacman frogs (also known as Argentine horned frogs) aren't difficult to breed in captivity. Before breeding, the pair requires a 60-day hibernation period in a dry, cool environment. Egg-laying and... Read More »