What Are Text Book Objectives?

Answer Objectives define the learning goals for each chapter, book, or lesson. There are different ways to define learning objectives and each type of objective serves a different purpose. Citing the obje... Read More »

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Is there are way to convert text on paper, like pages of a book, into editable text without typing?

What CJ said. You just need to use the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software that probably came with your scanner (or a friend's if you haven't got one) and save the resulting scan as an ed... Read More »

Book Report Objectives?

The prospect of writing book reports can strike fear into the heart of students from grade school through grad school. One way to make writing book reports easier to is make sure you have a good ob... Read More »

How to Cite in MLA From a Text Book?

There are a few different recognized and accepted styles of academic writing, with Modern Language Association -- more commonly referred to as MLA -- as one of the most widely accepted. The simplic... Read More »

How to Take Notes From a Text Book?

Educational psychologists Scott W. VanderStoep and Paul R. Pintrich document in their book "Learning to Learn: The Skill and Will of College Success" the effectiveness of college note taking. A sam... Read More »