What Are Teaching Activities for the Judicial System?

Answer The American judicial system spans your city, state and federal courts and encompasses hearings, jury selections and trials, which are headed by magistrates on one end and Supreme Court justices on... Read More »

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Student Activities for Teaching the Judicial System?

The United States Constitution established three branches of government; the legislative branch, the executive branch and the judicial branch. The judicial branch comprises state courts, federal co... Read More »

Classroom Activities Dealing With the Judicial System or Courtroom?

Build student interest in the judicial system by making it relevant with interactive classroom activities. By making the curriculum relevant, students are more likely to understand and retain the i... Read More »

K-6 Activities for Teaching the Dewey Decimal System?

Finding books in a library using the Dewey Decimal System is an important skill for students to possess. The system's 10 subject categories can be difficult to remember, though, especially for youn... Read More »

What is the judicial system?

The judicial system, which is also known as the judiciary, is a court system that applies and interprets laws instituted by the state or federal government. The purpose of a judicial system is to s... Read More »