What Are Target Assessment Tests?

Answer Target Assessment Tests are designed to provide feedback on whether Arkansas schools meet the desired learning standards and also help students prepare for the state assessment tests.

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What Do Kindergarten Assessment Tests Involve?

Every 5-year-old child must undergo an assessment test before beginning kindergarten. The purpose of this test is to see what initial skills the child has learned and to determine if he is ready to... Read More »

What Type of Skill Assessment Tests Are in a Microbiology Lab?

The microbiology lab provides a valuable opportunity for students to be engaged in a hands-on approach to learning. Routine assessments for the basic microbiology lab skills are necessary to ensure... Read More »

Problems With Assessment Tests?

An assessment test is any examination designed to measure the test-taker's knowledge, skills, talents or characteristics within a given field. These tests can be individually created and informal, ... Read More »

How to Make an Appointment for Assessment Tests?

Assessment tests are used by schools in order to properly place students in class. Assessment tests can be performed over a wide range of areas. For example, a new student at a high school may be r... Read More »