What Are Sugared Eyebrows?

Answer If a woman--or a man, for that matter--wants to have cleaner, better-groomed eyebrows, there are several different options from which to choose. Along with tweezing, waxing, and threading, there is... Read More »

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What if i put sugared yogurt up my vagin*?

if you have a yeast infection or think you have a yeast infection... tell your mother... if you are young and you are thinking your mom will accuse you of having sex.. don't worry people can get ye... Read More »

How to Make Sugared Lemon Slices?

Sugared lemon slices are an old-fashioned treat to place into tea to sweeten the tea as well as to make the tea refreshing.

Do plants grow faster with sugared water?

On One Hand: Sugar Can Be BeneficialResearch conducted by the Journal of Arboriculture indicates sugar can have a positive effect on plant growth. The energy from the sugar is easily broken down by... Read More »

Prolonged use of gatorade is it ok to drink it in place of Sugared Kool aid?

Don't drink gatorade all the time. It's a lot of sugar. Kool Aid is worse with more additives, dyes, sugar, etc. It's basically colored sugar. Get a water purifier like Brita or something like that... Read More »