What Are Steam Rooms Good For?

Answer A steam room or a steam bath is a designated area, either as part of a fitness facility, a home, or, in Europe or Asia, an entirely separate facility, where people envelop their bodies in steam fro... Read More »

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Are steam rooms good for your body?

On One Hand: Health BenefitsSteam rooms are widely used all over the world as a means of therapy. The high humidity and heat levels are known to open up pores, soothe aching muscles, reduce stress... Read More »

Why do people use steam rooms?

A steam room is any waterproof enclosure into which a steam generator keeps the room filled with thick clouds of steam. The average temperature in a steam room is between 115 and 125 degrees Fahren... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Steam Rooms & Saunas?

Both are popular in Europe; both provide health benefits; both are seen as great sources of relaxation. So, then, what is the difference between steam rooms and saunas? Basically, the sauna uses dr... Read More »

Risks of Saunas & Steam Rooms?

Saunas and steam rooms can provide a warm and relaxing environment -- while saunas deliver high temperatures and dry heat, steam rooms heat the air with moisture. Many people use saunas and steam r... Read More »