What Are Standards-Based Report Cards?

Answer The No Child Left Behind laws focus teachers and educators to present material centered on content and learning standards. This change in the way material is presented has created a need to change ... Read More »

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The Pros & Cons of Kindergarten Standards-Based Report Cards?

Standards-based report cards assess the level of a student's proficiency on a given subject. Levels of proficiency vary by school and state, but schools use levels such as basic, below basic, profi... Read More »

What Are the Major Ways That Standards-based Education Is Transforming Schools?

Standards-based education defines the essential academic content covered at each grade level and the benchmarks that every student must meet. This system helps schools know that children are meetin... Read More »

Are Linksys prism-based cards?

The card type depends on the type and model of Linksys device. For instance, Linksys WMP11v2.7, WMP-54G and WPC54g devices are not prism-based, while Lynksys WMP11, WPC11 Version 2.5 and WPC-11 Ver... Read More »

How to Develop a Report-Based Science Fair Project?

Writing a report based science project can be a daunting task at first. However, developing the report is usually not as difficult as most people think. If a student is passionate about her idea an... Read More »