What Are Sound Devices in Literature?

Answer While there are many methods used to heighten the effects and meanings in literature, sound devices are a familiar literary method, particularly for readers of poetry. Although sound devices are mo... Read More »

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Poems That Use Sound Devices?

Poetry is the earliest form of literature. It existed long before fiction, though early poems, such as the Iliad, often contain stories. Most likely, refrain and sound devices such as rhyme helped ... Read More »

What Are the Characteristics of Sound Devices?

Poets employ sound devices in their writing to convey or assume certain tones and emotions. The sounds of vowels and consonants together change the sound of the ideas on the page and endow them wit... Read More »

What Is Figurative Language and Sound Devices?

Figurative language is a form of communication that includes word phrases not meant to be taken in their literal form, but rather provide a more figurative or decorative use. Other types of phrases... Read More »

How to Make Old Radio Sound Effects Devices?

Before the invention of modern recorded sound effects, live radio plays would employ technicians to make machines to replicate everyday sounds. The devices, often simple in design, could replicate ... Read More »