What Are Some of the Similarities of a Beetle & a Moth?

Answer Moths and beetles are two pests that we have all encountered in one way or another. Whether you have been working in your garden or lounging on your patio at night, you have no doubt encountered t... Read More »

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What Qualities Does a Moth Have That Makes it a Moth?

Moths and butterflies both belong to the scientific order Lepidoptera. According to "Butterflies and Moths" by David A. Carter, there are approximately 170,000 species of Lepidoptera. Butterflies a... Read More »

Where do I have to look to find out the deference between beetle of super beetle?

There are several ways to tell however the easiest way to tell is how the spare tire is mounted. Regular Beetle = Spare Tire stands Upright.Super Beetle = Spare tire lays flat.This method seems to ... Read More »

How many time do you have to say beetle juice in the film beetle juice for him to appear?

Three more times than you did the last time you saw the movie and ran out of breath trying to yell out his name.

What do moth cocoons look like?

A moth spins a silk cocoon by using silk glands or modified salivary glands secreting a thick substance that hardens in the air. The Moth usually sets its cocoon near the ground. A variety of shap... Read More »