What Are Some of the Beliefs of the Hindus?

Answer Over the years, many variations of the Hindu religion have developed. In India, Hinduism is the most popular religion, however the religion has significantly changed over thousands of years. Hindui... Read More »

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What Do Hindus Eat?

Hinduism is considered the world's oldest living religion and is today the third largest religion of the world. For religiously observant Hindus, diet has long been inextricably entwined with relig... Read More »

What does the swastika mean to hindus?

The swastika is an ancient symbol that can be found worldwide, but is very common in Hindu art and predates Nazi use by a very long time. Hindus believe the swastika brings good luck and well-being... Read More »

Do Hindus believe in fate?

According to the Contender Ministries, one of the fundamental beliefs of the Hindu religion is the belief that Karma affects a believer's life. To many people, Karma---the concept of a force genera... Read More »

Customs of Hindus?

Hindus have developed customs over thousands of years that continue to shape their religious practice and their cultural identity. Some of these customs are dictated by the Hindu religion, while ot... Read More »