What Are Some of the Beliefs of the Hindus?

Answer Over the years, many variations of the Hindu religion have developed. In India, Hinduism is the most popular religion, however the religion has significantly changed over thousands of years. Hindui... Read More »

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What Are Some Different Beliefs About Homeschooling?

For centuries, most children were home-schooled. Parents hired private tutors or simply taught the children themselves. By the end of the colonial era, education had become more formal, with the bu... Read More »

What are some religious beliefs that could affect health management?

Some religious groups believe in "faith healing" and so sometimes for even things there are cures for they won't go to the doctor. As one of Jehovah's Witnesses I don't believe in taking blood of ... Read More »

What Do Hindus Eat?

Hinduism is considered the world's oldest living religion and is today the third largest religion of the world. For religiously observant Hindus, diet has long been inextricably entwined with relig... Read More »

What do hindus do when a baby is born?

They shave the baby's head when it is born.