What Are Some of the Basic Things an Accountant Needs to Work?

Answer Performing accounting duties is a time-consuming and complex process. Poor accounting can break an organization, while excellent accounting can help it flourish. Whether you're studying to work as ... Read More »

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What are some things you like when you work with preschoolers?

Watching them learn and grow, listening to what they have to say (it's usually hilarious), getting to play!

What are some things i can work on to prepare my daughter for kindergarten next year?

Hi. Most I have done with my children is reading books & they both turned into bookworms now. Teaching alphabet is great as others mentioned before but make sure to use jolly phonics!! Otherwise ch... Read More »

If someone has been fighting the zoster virus for over a year is losing some hearing and sometimes needs oxygen to breath how can you make things better for her?

Answer Sounds like a really bad set of circumstances. It's unusual to have zoster for a year, so I hope she is continuing to see a physician. I'm not sure if you meant that you were concerned all o... Read More »

What Are Three Basic Needs for Living Organisms?

All life forms on Earth have adapted to a variety of local conditions, from the most abundant to the most inhospitable ecosystems. The sheer variety of organisms and life processes on Earth makes i... Read More »