What Are Some Words That Mean to Be Let Down or Disappointed?

Answer When people say they are "disappointed" or "let down," they -- or someone they care about -- have usually failed to achieve their goals or expectations and they are depressed or sad. Other words ha... Read More »

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What film were you most disappointed by?

Remakes are a disappointment...such as King Kong and The Omen

How to Tell if Your Parents are Disappointed in You?

If you THINK your parents hate you, sometimes you can be wrong. Here are some things you should know if you think your parents are disappointed in you.

Which movie(s) were you disappointed in?

Hey Abbie Kate. Wow haven't answered a question for you in a long time(super busy life now). Anyway to answer your question it was the movie Avatar. It received all this praise and is the highest g... Read More »

Hmm very disappointed in ubuntu:/?

It's not Ubuntu that's the problem. THIS particular problem falls under the catagory of "PEBKAC"