What Are Some Ways to Dispose of Swimming Pool Chemicals?

Answer Using fresh pool chemicals will ensure that pool maintenance is effective and efficient, but disposing of old pool chemicals isn't something that should be taken lightly. Improperly disposing of ch... Read More »

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How do I add chemicals to a swimming pool?

SuppliesBuy the chemicals required for your specific type of pool and a pH testing kit. Consult the online directions for your pool and follow the manufacturer's pool chemical calculation chart. Ca... Read More »

How to Adjust Swimming Pool Chemicals?

Keeping the pool chemicals balanced helps keep the pool water clean and safe for swimming. The basic levels in pool water that need to be adjusted to keep the water clean and safe are the pH, total... Read More »

Will swimming pool chemicals cause grass to sour?

Pools containing chlorine may be harmful to your grass. According to the University of Missouri, chlorine kills bacteria, making it a sound pool sanitizer. Chlorine spilled on grass, or other plant... Read More »

Can ducks swim in swimming pool with chemicals in it?

yes, if they swallow too much ( about 1ltr) it could make them ill.