What Are Some Ways an Amoeba Sees & Responds?

Answer Amoebae are heterotrophs; they get the nutrition they need by devouring other organisms. Since they can move in pursuit of their prey, they need ways to sense their environment and locate other mi... Read More »

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What are the two ways the immune system responds to pathogens?

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How does your heart responds to a love gestureYou know what I mean?

scientifically:the heart rate increase due to sympathatic stimulation.emotionally:my heart feel a great and strange feeling of happiness,timless,pleasure,desire...ev… that people feel when they l... Read More »

What structure contains an amoeba's DNA?

The nucleus of an amoeba contains the organism's DNA or genetic material. Despite its small size, the amoeba has a large genome. One species, the Amoeba dubia, has 670 billion units of DNA in its g... Read More »