What Are Some Ways That Scientists Can Tell the Earth's Past Temperatures?

Answer The Earth's climate has never been static over long periods of time. At certain points in history the planet was warmer, with tropical-type temperatures extending into what are now temperate areas.... Read More »

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What Scientists Study Past Cultures?

Scientists who study past cultures are called anthropologists. The basic principle of anthropology is to study human nature as a whole by examining the cultures and customs of past and present soci... Read More »

What does it mean if you've been spotting brown and red for the past week and the spots got bigger as the days past?

From www.medsafe.govt : "Chloramphenicol enters the foetal circulation, and if given to the mother shortly before parturition, may cause the gray baby syndrome, with cyanosis and hypothermia, owin... Read More »

How to Know the Difference Between the Past Tense of a Verb and the Past Participle?

Grammar is the system or set of rules that directs sentence construction. English grammar is comprised of a complex system of rules. Many of these rules are based on abstract concepts, such as verb... Read More »

List of verbs and its past form and past participle?