What Are Some Ways That Scientists Can Tell the Earth's Past Temperatures?

Answer The Earth's climate has never been static over long periods of time. At certain points in history the planet was warmer, with tropical-type temperatures extending into what are now temperate areas.... Read More »

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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA says that there is ice on some parts of the moon. What does this tell you about temperatures on these parts of the moon?

The message is that it's really cold there. As the moon has no atmosphere, there is no atmospheric pressure. Atmospheric pressure has a pronounced effect on the boiling point of water. If the water... Read More »

What Scientists Study Past Cultures?

Scientists who study past cultures are called anthropologists. The basic principle of anthropology is to study human nature as a whole by examining the cultures and customs of past and present soci... Read More »

Can you get your period but tell that you are pregnant by remaining at high temperatures?

the statment about "if you have your period then you are not pregnant" is tecnically true, but alot of women think they are having their period and it is really not a period. if any women really th... Read More »

What are some ways you can tell is weed is laced?

I have to agree with the 1st 2- the only way to really tell is to 'test' it before you buy it. Have the contact person light some up, preferrably in a 'bowl' to check for a whitish resin commonly f... Read More »