What Are Some Things Biologists Investigate?

Answer Biologists research and examine living things in an effort to gain insight and increase knowledge of life. These professionals, also called biological scientists, conduct research in two main categ... Read More »

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What Are the 4 Characteristics Biologists Use to Recognize Living Things?

Biology is the study of living thing and all living things share basic characteristics and traits. There are many factors that differentiate a living thing from a non-living thing. It's important t... Read More »

Gifts for Marine Biologists?

Selecting a gift for a marine biologist may have you scratching your head if you are unfamiliar with his or her daily routine or list of dreams and goals. Once you narrow your focus on his or her s... Read More »

What Risks Do Marine Biologists Have?

Marine biology is a field of study that has drawn in many people over the years because of its intoxicating allure. The study of salt water organisms, a career in marine biology means exploring the... Read More »

Why Do Marine Biologists Use Microscopes?

Marine biologists study the life and ecosystem of the oceans. To do this effectively, a marine biologist uses a wide range of tools, including various types of microscopes that allow him to observe... Read More »