What Are Some Specific Typical Dishes Eaten at Christmas in France?

Answer In France, the main Christmas meal is eaten on Christmas Eve. Traditionally, families attend midnight Mass together and then arrive at home to feast and open gifts. This feast, known as le Reveillo... Read More »

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Many websites say that a typical Korean meal consists of rice, soup and side dishes. Why no main dishes?

It goes to a different style of eating. The rice serves as the base of each bite. You can add a tiny bit of each side dish or just one tiny bit of a side dish to get the taste combination you want... Read More »

Typical English dish which can be eaten cold?

I think you might mean finger food. So why not make scones? You can add cheese or bacon bits for a savoury dish or sultanas for sweet, be generous with the butter (salted for savoury, unsalted for ... Read More »

Is christmas garland harmful to a cat when eaten?

Christmas tree decorations, especially garland and tinsel, can be harmful to a cat. Because of their shine, they will lure a cat to want to play. If a cat ingests the tinsel, for example, it will c... Read More »

Can Christmas garland vegetation hurt a cat if it is eaten?

The vegetation in a Christmas garland can hurt a cat if eaten. Plants such as holly, poinsettia, pine and mistletoe are toxic to cats. Toxic plants can make cats sick or even result in death if the... Read More »