What Are Some Resources for the Development of Nursing Theory?

Answer Theory is a body of knowledge relating to a particular practice. Because the practice of nursing is central to nursing theory, nursing theory assembles this body of knowledge from several other fi... Read More »

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How to Apply Jean Watsons Nursing Theory Into Nursing?

It is timely to consider the Jean Watson Caring Theory and Nursing Model. Many nurses complain about their increased burden of paperwork. As the nursing role has evolved, some believe there has bee... Read More »

Does nursing practice enrich nursing theory?

According to the Clayton State University School of Nursing, nursing theory is the conceptual perception that defines nursing practice. Nursing theory expert and author, Marilyn E. Parker states, "... Read More »

What is the moral development theory?

The moral development theory was introduced by developmental psychologist Lawrence Kohlberg. Kohlberg developed his theory after studying the cognitive development theories of Jean Piaget. It deals... Read More »

What is nursing theory?

Nursing theory helps nurses to organize patient care. Nursing theory helps nurses calculate and control events that are related to their practice. Nursing theory originally was established to have ... Read More »