What Are Some Non Traditional Drawing Tools?

Answer Try going beyond the usual pencils, pen and charcoal when creating a drawing. Sticks, sponges and string make unique marks on paper. Pouring techniques allow you to produce richly layered applicati... Read More »

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What types of tools were used with traditional horse hair plaster over wood lathe How does one use these tools to make perfectly smooth walls?

Answer I would assume a simple, but long wooden trowel similar to a mortar trowel, perhaps with some upturned skids at the end so overlapping strokes do not make unwanted marks in the plaster. I ... Read More »

Types of Drawing Tools?

Before beginning a drawing class or deciding to work on drawing independently, you'll need certain basic materials and tools to work with. Of course you'll need paper and drawing utensils, but cert... Read More »

Isometric Drawing Tools?

Isometric drawing is a way to quickly represent three dimensional objects and spaces on a two dimensional surface. In contrast to drawings completed in two point perspective, isometric drawings do ... Read More »

Geometry Drawing Tools?

The classic drawing tools from Euclid's Elements are the straight edge and the compass. Modern geometry has added the protractor and has augmented the straight edge by adding calibration marks to m... Read More »