What Are Some Landforms & Climates Found in the US?

Answer The United States has some definitive landforms that actually create certain types of climates. There are also certain types of landforms that are directly related to their latitude. These factors ... Read More »

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What landforms are found in Utah?

Among the many landforms located in the 84,916 square miles of Utah are the peaks of Uinta Mountains, with Kings Peak being the highest at 13,528 feet, and the flat lands of the Colorado Plateau.Re... Read More »

What types of landforms are found on Jupiter?

Jupiter is made up mainly of molecules of hydrogen and helium. These molecules are liquids. Since Jupiter is not made up of much solid material, it does not have any landforms as some of the other ... Read More »

What are some of Nicaragua's landforms?

Nicaragua is located in Central America between Honduras and Costa Rica. The country has lengthy beaches along the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Inland from the beach... Read More »

What are some landforms in France?

France's major landforms include its flat plains that stretch for miles over the north, central and west parts of the country. Other types of landforms cover the plains including low hills, mountai... Read More »