What Are Some Instruments Used by Meteorologists?

Answer Meteorologists use a variety of instruments to predict what the weather will be like in the future. These predictions help prepare people for upcoming storms or weather emergencies, but are also im... Read More »

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What Instruments Are Used in an Orchestra?

An orchestra is made up of a wide variety of instruments. Some are used consistently and are standard in the ensemble. Others, such as the piano, harp and various percussion instruments, are used s... Read More »

What Instruments Are Used in Bebop?

After big bands made their mark on American music, the 1940s bought about a new style. This style was called bebop. Bebop groups usually included four to six players, rather than the 10 or more fou... Read More »

What Instruments Are Used in Reggaeton?

The instruments used in reggaeton are a direct result of the combination of the styles that spurred the genre. The mix of Latin American traditional songwriting and modern day club music involves t... Read More »

What instruments are used during a pap test?

During a Pap test, a gynecologist collects cells from a woman's cervix. Pap tests are used to detect cells that may develop into cervical cancer. To perform a Pap test, the doctor opens the vagina ... Read More »