What Are Some Indications That Your Vehicle Needs a Brake Job?

Answer When a vehicle's braking system is in need of repair and/or service, it is common for various brake system symptoms to result. While not all symptoms of brake system dysfunction point to the need f... Read More »

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Is it safe to drive a vehicle that needs aligned?

you will wear your front tyres out really quickly and the steering may be affected, especially on a slippery road. Even 20 miles could wreck your tyres if you have an accident and they spot the ali... Read More »

Does a adoptive kid that is classified as a specil needs child classify as a special needs kid for your taxes?

Depending on how hard you were hit it could hurt the baby. You might want to call and have your doctor take a look

What are some special needs related words that begin with the letter K?

You're husband may not necessarily have the down syndrome allele. Also the only way you would have a special needs baby is if you also have the recessive (down syndrome) allele. Here are the chance... Read More »

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