What Are Some Indications That Your Vehicle Needs a Brake Job?

Answer When a vehicle's braking system is in need of repair and/or service, it is common for various brake system symptoms to result. While not all symptoms of brake system dysfunction point to the need f... Read More »

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How to Install a Brake Controller in Your Tow Vehicle?

Installing a brake controller unit isn't very difficult. This task is made even easier if your tow vehicle is a late model and comes with a 7-way connector as part of the towing package.In this cas... Read More »

How to Check for a Brake Fluid Leak in Your Vehicle?

If you've ever applied your car brakes only to find them spongy and low, chances are your vehicle is leaking brake fluid. To avoid a disaster, you need to check for a possible leak. Follow these st... Read More »

If a hit and run vehicle knocks an insured moving vehicle into your liability-only parked vehicle whose insurance pays for damage to your car?

Answer The "At Fault" party is responsible for your damage, regardless of who ran. The driver who ran from the scene is not necessarily the at fault party. The question is who caused the accident? ... Read More »

Do you use both feet or just one foot to accelerate and brake an automatic transmission vehicle?

You can do both I drive with two feet on high way but one foot while on streets