What Are Some Good Medicines for Stomach Problems?

Answer If your medication is causing your stomach to ache, then that is a side effect. One that you don't need. Buy some Dannon Plain yogurt and 'sweeten' it with cinnamon. That will put the good enzymes ... Read More »

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If you feel like you're getting sick, what are some good medicines to take to prevent it from getting worse?

Aspirin wouldn't help because it's an analgesic. It is designed to get rid of aches and pains. If you feel like you are getting sick, it probably is because your immune system is down. I persona... Read More »

What are some good ways to tone up my thighs, calves, and stomach?

Don't eat anything high in carbs before bed. That means nothing heaving like breads or pastas. The next thing is you need to try and eat several small meals a day and don't cut any meals out. It ac... Read More »

Other then Medicines, What are some ways to cure a headache?

try drinking a glass of water. sometimes the reason you have a headache is due to dehydration.a cold washcloth over the forehead can do wonders.a temple massage is good for a tension headache.and h... Read More »

How can a person with respiratory problems get a good workout and lose some weight?

I am asthmatic ( I think this is what your doictor means) also and have found the following to be good.Walking - Don't go crazy. Start with what you can and then build up.Swimming - Great as your l... Read More »