What Are Some Good Emo Hair Colors?

Answer What started as a music genre, emo has become a style of fashion as well. A shortened version of emotional, emo style reflects the strong emotions that followers of the movement want to express. In... Read More »

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What Are Some Good Warm Emo Hair Colors?

The emo look is based on the visual interpretation of a type of rock music which made its first appearance in the mid-1980's and has gained popularity since 2000. The emo subculture has spread fro... Read More »

What are some hair highlight colors that go well with black hair?

A carmel brown & chestnut brown would work well with black hair . The carmel brown would bring out the bubbly aspect . However, if you were to only have carmel brown with black it may look a bit ha... Read More »

What are some good braces colors?

Blue-PinkGreen-PurpleRed-OrangePurple-BlueSilver-PinkGreen-BlueOr if your orthodontist has: Rainbow!!!!!!!!!

What Hair Colors Are Good for People With a Fair Complexion?

The most important consideration in choosing hair color is not the overall lightness or darkness of your skin, but the underlying tone of your complexion. Tone is used to describe the coolness or w... Read More »