What Are Some Characteristics of Renaissance Men and Women?

Answer Renaissance men and women shared one common characteristic. Each of them was educated, possessing various capabilities and functions. Leonardo Da Vinci is one example of a Renaissance man. He excel... Read More »

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What are the Florentine Renaissance architectural characteristics?

Florentine Renaissance architectural characteristics:a Hellenistic approach to new structuressecret passageways and spacious rooms for noblesAfresci or frescos considered very high status: on walls... Read More »

Characteristics of Italian Renaissance Art?

The Italian Renaissance began in Florence in the beginning of the 15th century. The term Renaissance comes from the French word for rebirth. This period was a time of upheaval in a number of domain... Read More »

Characteristics of the Early Renaissance Paintings?

The Early Renaissance began in Florence, Italy, and marked a period of rebirth in classical art. Artists embraced the new spirit of humanism. Reason and science began to take over from the theology... Read More »

What did women wear during the Harlem Renaissance?

Women in the Harlem Renaissance during the 1930s wore clothes to highlight their feminine features and to show off the body, according to Fairfax County Public Schools. Women wore clothing made fr... Read More »