What Are Some Abiotic Factors in a Temperate Rain Forest?

Answer Temperate rain forests are found on the western coast of North and South America, along the Pacific Ocean. They are cooler and drier than tropical rain forests. Abiotic factors, or nonliving factor... Read More »

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Temperate Rain Forest Biome Characteristics?

The temperate rain forest is a relatively rare biome. The largest stretch is along the northwest coast of North America, from northern California up through southern Alaska. Smaller examples of thi... Read More »

What does"abiotic factors"mean?

Abiotic factors are non living controls that can effect ecosystems and living organisms. They are physical and chemical factors that are a part of a living organism's environment, such as temperatu... Read More »

Abiotic Factors in Natural Wetlands?

A natural wetland is a complex ecosystem. Like other ecosystems, whether land- or water-based, many factors affect the form and function of the wetlands. Both biotic and abiotic factors and process... Read More »

Abiotic Factors of a Desert Ecosystem?

Abiotic factors of an ecosystem are those parts of the ecosystem that are not alive. These factors can be thought of as the core elements upon which the entire structure of the ecosystem depends. W... Read More »