What Are Snake & Angel Bites?

Answer Snake and angel bites are piercings that occur on the upper or lower lip. Each type of piercing has two separate piercings located horizontally from each other. The lip is marked where the piercing... Read More »

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Omg! How much do lip piercings hurt .. U know the ones called snake bites Not actually bites from a snake?

Not at all a shop will usr clamps that seperate the nerves which feels like a pinch that hurts more then the needle. Best to get one side done at a time tho due to swelling

Snake bites?

meh, it works better than wikkipedia to ask here.Cottonmouth venom-Envenomation by A. p. piscivorus can be serious in terms of tissue death, however, its toxins are less lethal than those of most r... Read More »

Which do you like better, snakebites or angel bites?

i prefer angel bites for a girl to be honest but my opinion shouldnt rly make a difrence in u getting one (if thats why your asking) if your getting the piercing shoose wichever you prefer ^^

How much do Snake bites cost.?

I have my lip and belly pierced an they were 20$ each. So I'm guessing 40$ for snakebites. No it does not hurt from a scale of 1-10 it's a 0 or MAYBE a 1. Taking care of it:•There's two way to cl... Read More »