What Are Six Parts of Plants Eaten as Food?

Answer If a plant has a part, there's a fairly good chance that someone has found a way to eat it. From top to toe, the plant world has more variety than you might imagine. Even plants that are traditiona... Read More »

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The Parts of Plants Used for Food?

Virtually all of the various parts of plants are eaten, but not every part of every plant is edible. Some plants are poisonous and therefore inedible, some are not poisonous but distastefully inedi... Read More »

What is the staple food eaten in India?

India has shifting food staples as incomes begin to rise in the Asian nation. High protein foods such as milk, eggs and poultry have increasingly replaced grains. Traditionally, Indian cuisine stap... Read More »

What type of food is eaten in space?

Astronauts in space can't eat the exact same foods as they do when on Earth because microgravity affects body processes and even the act of eating itself.ProblemsIn space, a big problem with food i... Read More »

What food have you eaten so far today?

Chicken nuggets, fries, fruit roll ups and leftover pizza. How's that for a healthy diet? Oh yeah, and a Hershey bar.