What Are Seven-Pointed Stars?

Answer Seven-pointed stars -- also known as heptagrams or septegrams -- are stars with seven points drawn from seven lines. These stars are associated with a variety of unrelated things such as the occult... Read More »

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How to Deal With a Flaw Being Pointed Out?

Everyone has a flaw, and it is natural, because nobody is perfect. There are things we excel at, and things on which we can improve.Imagine waking up, and looking at that zit that just came up over... Read More »

How many vertices are on a five pointed star?

A five-pointed star has five vertices or vertexes when you are referring to the "highest point or summit" of the star, provided that the star's arms are the same length. If you're using the definit... Read More »

How to Draw Pointed Toes?

The human foot has long been a thing of beauty and contradiction for artists. The contradiction of the foot is evident when the artist observes the size of feet in comparison to the rest of the bod... Read More »

How to Make an Eight Pointed Shruiken?

Have you ever seen those kids with the paper ninja stars? Well this is an effective and easy way to make one!