What Are Second Person Pronouns?

Answer Pronouns are an essential element of English grammar and linguistics. Pronouns take the place of specific nouns or noun phrases previously used in a sentence. Pronouns allow written and spoken sent... Read More »

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How to Use Pronouns Correctly?

Most of us try to use proper grammar, yet commonly make blunders by saying "for him and I," "about Martha and he," "with Tom, Bret and I" and so forth. Illogically, such glaring errors are common i... Read More »

How to Use Generic Pronouns?

Fairness in gender has become an important concept in communication. Authors who strive for nonsexist language will not find it acceptable to use the word 'he' as an ambiguous pronoun.

Demonstrative Pronouns Used As Adjectives?

A demonstrative pronoun is one that refers a reader to another noun or pronoun. When these pronouns are used to equate the qualities of a particular item, they are said to be used as a demonstrativ... Read More »

How to Learn Pronouns in Italian?

There are several approaches to learning a foreign language. The success and failure of each method is dependent on the previous pedagogy of the learner. One method of learning effectively is to le... Read More »