What Are Second Person Pronouns?

Answer Pronouns are an essential element of English grammar and linguistics. Pronouns take the place of specific nouns or noun phrases previously used in a sentence. Pronouns allow written and spoken sent... Read More »

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What is second-person narration?

Second-person narration is one of the three main writing points of view, which define who the narrator of the work is and to whom the narrator of the work is talking.IdentificationIn second-person ... Read More »

What is second person perspective?

Whether you plan to write a fictional story, an academic essay, or work of nonfiction, there are several perspectives from which to choose. A common perspective is "second person." There are severa... Read More »

Who was the second person to go into space?

AnswerAlan Bartlett Shepard, Jr. from the USA, on May 5th, 1961.

Who was the second person to fly from US to Europe?

Clarence D. Chamberlin was the second person to fly nonstop from the United States of America to Europe. He flew from New York to Berlin in June 1927 in his plane "Miss Columbia." He had been one o... Read More »