What Are SDI Withholdings on a Paystub?

Answer Your paycheck represents your net earnings after all taxes and other required money has been withdrawn from your gross wages. Some items are clearly labeled, such as federal and state income tax. H... Read More »

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Can You Use Your Last Paystub to File Your Taxes?

You can use your last pay stub if your employer has not given you a W-2 and only after you contact the IRS about the missing W-2 and you fill out form 4852 with the year-to-date information on your... Read More »

How do I file taxes with a paystub?

Before You File a 1040Contact the employer to request a copy of the W-2 form. If the employer does not respond by Feb. 16, contact the Internal Revenue Service at 800-828-1040. Give your name, empl... Read More »

How to Calculate Payroll Tax Withholdings?

The federal and state government requires all employers to withhold payroll taxes from employees' income. The Internal Revenue Service administrates federal payroll taxes, including federal income ... Read More »

How to Figure Employee Tax Withholdings?

The Internal Revenue Service, and sometimes state and local governments, requires people to pay money towards their income taxes throughout the year rather than just at tax time. Most people meet t... Read More »