What Are Revivalist Movements?

Answer Revivalist movements have been influential in the world's human history since the establishment of religion. These movements, often conservative or orthodox in nature, seek to change established pr... Read More »

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What is the meaning of praise dance movements?

Christian church services today sometimes have dance teams. These dancers choreograph and rehearse specific movements to the worship songs that are played during services. Often, these movements ar... Read More »

What Are Lithosperic Plate Movements Caused By?

Lithospheric plates make up the surface of the Earth, which is constantly moving as areas of rock warm and cool. The surface of the Earth is fractured, with different types of lithospheric plates m... Read More »

What Are the Four Different Types of Social Movements?

Social movements attempt to effect societal change through the organization of social movement organizations -- large groups of like-minded people that promote the desired change. Sociologist Willi... Read More »

What Are the Three Primary Types of Water Movements?

Water flows in three ways that are especially important to know when keeping an aquarium. Water movements, including laminar flow, turbulence and surge movement, help to move food, oxygen and waste... Read More »