What Are Renewable Resources Used for Solar Power?

Answer Renewable resources--such as water, solar energy, earth and wind--reduce the demand for fossil fuels and do not directly emit greenhouse gases. Generally, they will never run out, but depletion may... Read More »

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Is solar power renewable or non renewable?

Solar energy, which is generated by the capture of electromagnetic radiation from the sun, is renewable energy. It can be used to provide lighting, heating and electricity to homes and businesses. ... Read More »

Is solar power renewable?

Because solar power energy comes from the sun, it is a renewable energy source. In order for an energy source to be renewable, it has to be inexhaustible. Examples of renewable energy sources are t... Read More »

Is solar power a renewable resource?

A renewable resource is one in which the supply is unlimited. Solar power turns the sun's light energy into energy we can use. Since the sun's energy is unlimited, at least on a human scale, solar ... Read More »

Is solar power renewable or nonrenewable?

Solar energy is considered renewable since it never runs out, according to the Energy Information Administration. It can be converted to heat energy for warming homes and pools or electricity for p... Read More »