What Are Recombinant Proteins?

Answer Proteins are the most important of all the materials that compose living organisms. Proteins are in each living cell of all organisms, without exceptions, and in the cells, proteins are abundant in... Read More »

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Uses of Recombinant DNA in Agriculture?

Recombinant DNA changes the natural genetic makeup and the characteristics of an organism by inserting DNA from another organism. Also known as genetic engineering, recombinant DNA technology is wi... Read More »

What is a recombinant protein?

A recombinant protein is a genetically engineered protein that has an amino acid sequence encoded within a gene that has been cloned. Recombination refers to the combining of genetic material.Refer... Read More »

What is a recombinant gene?

A recombinant gene is a gene taken from one organism and placed in the gene sequence of another organism. Recombinant genes are used in altering seeds for crops, making vaccines and in medicines.Re... Read More »

What is a recombinant vaccine?

A recombinant vaccine uses bacteria, yeast and other viruses to produce viral proteins. These proteins are then purified and made into vaccine form. The advantage of a recombinant vaccine is that n... Read More »