What Are Reagent Shelves?

Answer Reagents are chemical compounds that are used to perform reactions in a lab or industrial setting. There are thousands of different chemicals which are found in labs; some are liquids such as acid... Read More »

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Definition of a Stock Reagent?

A laboratory is much like a kitchen in that various ingredients are combined in different ways to produce different mixtures and reactions. Just as most chefs keep common ingredients in their pantr... Read More »

Would you expect fructose or glucose to form a red color rapidly w/ Seliwanoff's reagent?

I believe you're asking for help with your homework. While I won't help you with your homework, I'll just tell you that the answer is in figure three on the following .pdf.... Read More »

Is there a reagent test kit to test for Baquacil pool chemicals?

There is no reagent test kit for Baquacil pool chemicals. The only test kit contains test strips instead of reagent. According to the information on the test kits, it tests for three different pool... Read More »

What can I put on my bathroom shelves?

You can put a tray on your wire shelving to prevent items from tipping over. Also, the tops of shoe boxes or the shoe boxes themselves will help keep things tidy and you'd be able to remove the box... Read More »